I got pretty excited about a new calendar app, in part because I love these productivity tools and in part because I really hate the calendar that comes with the iPhone.  Tempo, as it is called, seemed nifty because it integrates data on your phone into the calendar so, for instance, you can get directions to your next meeting easily, alert people that you’re going to be late, have documents related to your appointment automatically opened, and other features that will either save lots of time and hassles or themselves become time-sinks and hassles.

But I need not have worried.  When I downloaded the app, I was informed that there is a bit of a queue for activating accounts.  I was currently 32,310th in line, with 2 people behind me.  So how much longer would I wait?

I logged on from time to time to assess my place in line.  The data are here: tempowaitlist.

I’m in Alexandria, VA, in town for a meeting of an ASA/NCTM education committee.  Although its late here, still feels early to us PST-ers, and so I thought I’d take a look at the data.  I’m almost to the point where half of the line is ahead of me, although mostly this is due to so many people lining up behind me.   (17,505 have queued up behind me—surely a sign that I’ve joined the right app?)  This graph shows my progress so far, in terms of how many are ahead of me.  You can, if boredom strikes, estimate how many more seconds before I arrive at the  front of the line. I’m somewhat encouraged by a hint of a sudden acceleration yesterday—but my excitement is no doubt reading too much into noise.

When I get there, I’ll let you know if it was worth the wait.

Number of People Ahead of me in line, as of Feb 28. Number of People Ahead of me in line, as of Feb 28.