Technology Innovations in Statistics Education has published a paper by Noleine Fitzallen that I think many readers of this blog will find interesting.  She examines a group of young students to see the ways that they use Tinkerplots to analyze data.  Here’s the abstract and link:

Characterising Students' Interaction with TinkerPlots

Exploration of the way in which students interacted with the software package, TinkerPlots Dynamic Data Exploration, to answer questions about a data set using different forms of graphical representations, revealed that the students used three dominant strategies – Snatch and Grab, Proceed and Falter, and Explore and Complete. The participants in the study were 12 year 5-and-6 students (11-12 years old) who completed data analysis activities and answered questions about the data analysis process undertaken. The data for the inquiry were collected by on-screen capture video as the students worked at the computer with TinkerPlots. Thematic analysis was used to explore the data to determine the students’ strategies when conducting data analysis within the software environment.