Every couple of years, the International Association of Statistics Education hosts a Roundtable discussion, wherein researchers, statisticians, and curriculum developers are gather from around the world to share ideas. The 2012 Roundtable, held in Cebu City, the Philippines, focused on the role of Technology in Statistics Education, and so, after a very long time editing (for me and Jennifer Kaplan) and re-writing (for our authors), we are now ready to present the Roundtable Special Edition.  The articles cover the spectrum, K-12, introductory statistics, and beyond.  Versions of these articles appeared in the Proceedings, but the versions published here are peer-reviewed, re-written, and re-written again.  Topics include : designing computer games to teach data science, measuring the attitude of teachers towards technology in their classroom, how to decide which features make a successful on-line course, how to best teach students to use statistical packages, some exciting innovations for teaching inference and experimental design, as well as descriptions of exciting developments in statistics education in Kenya, Malaysia, and more!